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Ryan is originally from Austria but moved to the UK in early 2020 and this is their first role in marketing.

In their spare time, you can find them reading books, drawing, or playing video games with friends. At the weekends, escaping to get some fresh air is usually on the cards.

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Ryan in the spotlight

Full English or Continental?

Continental, as it is closer to what I grew up with.

Red or White?

Neither, I prefer a good beer or cider.

Summer or Winter?

Out of the two probably Winter (especially when it snows). Although, I prefer Autumn overall.

Holiday Abroad or 'Staycation'?

Definitely abroad. I love visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures. All of my family live in Austria and I absolutely love going home over the holidays.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

I prefer fiction, especially if I can really immerse myself in a story or fantasy world. Out of my four current tattoos, three are directly inspired by a fictional story.

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