Dan studied English at Cambridge and has over a decade of experience as a writer, editor and Japanese-to-English translator, including time spent inhouse at a financial institution in London and an EU institution in Spain.

Before all this he taught English in Japan for several years, hence his undying passion for karaoke.

In his spare time, he writes short stories, plays the guitar, lifts weights and rows for a local club.

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Dan in the spotlight

Full English or Continental?

Somewhere in between? As long as there are eggs, avocado and strong coffee, I’m set up for the day.

Red or White?

Craft beer for me, thanks!

Summer or Winter?

British Summer, Australian Winter.

Holiday Abroad or 'Staycation'?

I love to road trip and travel whenever I can. Luckily, Wales is wild enough to feel magical and otherworldly just an hour’s drive from most towns and cities.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Yes to all the books.

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