Senior Content Delivery Assistant


With a degree in Service Sector Management, Chloe is a newbie to the world of finance and is keen to progress further in the financial marketing industry.

Chloe loves to learn and gain new experiences and always ensures her work is to a high standard.

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys creating memories with her family, discovering new places and going on walks. And if all that is off the books then you’ll likely catch her having a lazy day at home baking or catching up on a TV series.

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Chloe in the spotlight

Full English or Continental?

Continental - there’s just something about having pastries for breakfast that makes you feel like a kid again… unless its winter then it’s a full English with all the extras!!

Red or White?

Neither? A sweet rosé and lemonade with ice is my go to, unless it’s steak night then I’ll have a red.

Summer or Winter?

Summer for all the fun outdoor things to do like walks, barbeques and pool parties… Winter for those movie nights and the excuse to be wrapped in blankets and wearing fluffy socks!

Holiday Abroad or 'Staycation'?

Abroad for culture and a nice tan, but a staycation for those quick weekend breaks every now and again.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Definitely fiction, give me a book about mythical creatures and fictional crimes any day!

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