Adviser directories

Financial adviser directories can be an excellent source of new business, but many advisers and planners could be using them more effectively.

Three key adviser directories who seek to connect financial advisers and planners with consumers:

If these platforms are used correctly, they can be an extremely useful way of attracting new potential new clients to your business. However, many advisers and planners have incomplete or ineffective profiles and therefore fail to maximise on the opportunities offered by these directories. If you’re going to use these platforms please ensure your profile is completed fully.

For each of the three directories we can:

Recommend the right directory

Each of these directories has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. We’ll recommend which directories are right for your objectives.

Recommend the right price plan

The three directories each have different levels of membership, benefits and pricing. Once we go through and understand your requirements we’ll make an independent recommendation of the right price plan for your needs.

Build a new profile

We’ll build you an effective presence on one, two or all three directories, taking into account your target market and the type of enquiries you wish to receive.

Rebuild an existing profile

If you already have an account, we’ll ensure your profile is as effective as possible in order to maximise your return on investment.


Once your brand new or updated profile has been optimised, we’ll train you on how you get the best from it, showing you the ‘tricks of the trade’ so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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