The Chartered logos are changing

09/08/17The Chartered logos are changing

There are two new marks relevant to Chartered Planners and firms:

New Chartered Logo PlannerNew Chartered Logo Company

Over time, you will need to update your website, stationery, office livery, in fact, anywhere currently displaying the ‘old’ Chartered logo. Thankfully the CII aren’t putting a deadline on when you need to make the change.

However, our research shows many Chartered firms need to do more than simply update the logo. We’ve recently carried out research to understand how effective firms are at marketing their Chartered status:

  •  Fewer than half (48.83%) of all Chartered firms have updated the CII directory with their website address, making it hard for consumers to find their website.
  • Two-thirds (65.82%) of firms display the Chartered logo on the homepage of their website, which is good to see.
  • However, the research shows the Chartered logo is not always positioned as prominently as it should be. Fewer than a third of firms (30.14%) put it in the header of their homepage, where it ideally should be located. While nearly 4 out of 10 firms (38.58%) relegate the Chartered logo to their website footer, where it will sit, lost, alongside regulatory warnings and social media links.
  • Including the Chartered logo isn’t enough; it should be accompanied by an explanation of why it’s important and how it benefits clients. Unfortunately, only 31% of Chartered firms are including this information on their website.
  • The CII has produced an excellent video explaining the benefits of using a Chartered firm. It’s a shame that fewer than 1 in 10 (9.73%) use this valuable resource on their website.

Why is it important?

There’s no doubt some advisers are sceptical about the benefits of promoting their Chartered status. However, research shows the benefits of doing so; a 2016 survey of high net worth business directors and SME owners found:

  • 70% Awareness of Chartered status in Financial Services
  • 62% Confidence that Chartered status is the best indicator of professional conduct
  • 77% Likelihood of choosing a Chartered firm (over a firm without Chartered status)

We believe Chartered status is a real differentiator.

Why wouldn’t you promote it? Explaining what you and your business have to do to maintain your Chartered status and how it benefits your clients.

A freebie to help youdownload chartered checklist

To help you promote your Chartered status we’ve produced a free checklist which you can work through to help you better promote your Chartered status.

You can download it by clicking here; it’s free, there’s no need to complete a long data capture form to access it, just click, download and get to work.

We hope you find the checklist useful, if there’s anything else we can do to help, please do get in touch.

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  • Paul White

    Phil, the CII videos show the old logo; the Financial Planning one even says (along the lines of) to find advice you can trust, look out for this (the old) logo. It can only lead to client confusion if we update our logo to the new version, unless FULLY supported by the CII/PFS with a full set of assets – video included!

    Perhaps organisations such as yours could highlight to the CII how they are actually impeding the adoption of their own logo and the promotion of Chartered status, which you are so keen on championing.

    For the record, I prefer the new logo and we have updated our digital assets. In my experience, however, the CII/PFS have zero public recognition. Clients are familiar with a Chartered Status, but we end up describing it as being “equivalent” to other professions, like accountants and surveyors. Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Insurance Broker statuses (our firm has both) are not strong enough to stand on their own reputation. In my view, the CII needs to do more to raise its own profile.