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Graduating from the most prestigious and high-class university in Lincoln, the marketing degree that Mikhail received earned him a similarly prestigious position in a cushy office job overlooking the Lincoln canals. The job wasn’t marketing though, so what was the point – Mikhail thought. So when Nick and Kayleigh presented Mikhail with a golden ticket to Yardstick, Mikhail took it without hesitation.

In his spare time, Mikhail browses spectacle sites, which he is definitely getting, this week for sure… his other hobbies include gaming, reading and light arson in the guise of cooking, much to the dismay of his housemates.

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Full English or Continental?

Is water wet? Full English – easy. If my father taught me anything, is that you either go hard or go home, subsequently, he kicked me out of the house; as a result, with no option of going home I was coerced under duress to appreciate the Full English.

Red or White?

Contrary to Jamie, all I do is drink so I knew this was about wine straightaway. Red. It looks fancier, usually cheaper and I can hold it without my pinkie finger touching the glass without looking ridiculous.

Summer or Winter?

Summer for sure. Hiking, swimming, picnics, great lighting for photography. Growing up in Qatar it was constantly 30 degrees Celsius – and I loved it. Besides, have you ever walked along the beach with your toes in the sand in the winter? Don’t think so. Summer? All day.

Holiday Abroad or 'Staycation'?

Abroad for sure. Although all my holidays in life have been sponsored by my parents, now that I live on my own, I can only afford staycations really. But if I had money for money for holidays abroad, I’d make East Asia my second home. Also, Scandinavia is incredible, America as an honourable mention – it’s quite scary with all the gun crime really, but it does have deep fried butter at festivals so it might be worth the risk. What’s deep fried butter you ask? Google it. Scary stuff.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Fiction. As reading is a massive hobby of mine, more so than cooking, videogames or even reclaiming some of my garden from the local geese. Fiction allows me to experience worlds other than mine and fleshed out characters with motivations more real than some autobiographies. I grew up reading fiction too. As good as non-fiction sometimes can be – I’m mayor of Fiction Town, population: me.

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