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Joe is one of our personal finance copywriters. He’s responsible for producing topical and informative blogs.

Joe has a versatile background, across a variety of creative positions, including filmmaking, creative writing, graphic design, and cocktail menu consultancy. Having grown up in Asia and worked with clients across the world, he has a lot of globetrotting experience.

He puts his range of life lessons and acquired knowledge to work, in helping him produce snappy and informative copy.

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Full English or Continental?

Always “Full English”. There are a few foods I could never give up and bacon is definitely one of them.

Red or White?

I don’t drink anymore. But when I did, I loved wine. As much as I enjoyed a cracking glass of chilled Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, I almost always opted for a red.

Summer or Winter?

I’m a summer child. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, so I’m naturally used to a hot climate. I hate winter in the UK. I need to have the heating on 24/7.

Holiday Abroad or 'Staycation'?

I haven’t gone abroad since before the pandemic started. I love travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to tick off 40 countries across the course of my life. I hope to make that 50 one day soon.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

My absolute dream job is to make it as a published fiction writer. So, the answer is definitely fiction. I’m a big geek, so it’s typically something in the science fiction or fantasy genre.

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